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All Businesses and service providers relating to the Umhlanga Coastline area, whether you opt to advertise with us or not, will eventually be included in the directory, but these listings will comprise only a name and number and will be placed below paid advertisers in each category.

Paid advertisers on the other hand will get top positions with a 20-25 word descriptive paragraph (advert), full contact details, email link and link to your website.

Paid directory listings are placed above the free listings in the relevant category. Cost is R180 per year.

The above is a "level 1&qyot; advert.

Level 2 consists of banner advertising, which offers various options in terms of position and package. These range from as low as R600 per year up to R1200 per year (prime slot) and include:

* write-ups in the main body of the site,
* cross link to your website or a dedicated page on ours
* free space for promotion of special offers.

The top slots also include at least one feature article on the front page for a period of at least 7 days during the annual period.


Based on statistical analysis of web-user behaviour, various primary pages have been identified:
Front Page
1st Page of local attractions and activities
1st Page of most category listings
Special offers page

Advertising packages available on these pages are detailed here.


Unlike most websites, this one has a person dedicated to the management and marketing of the site. This is a concerted marketing drive and the website is merely the means to the end and not the end in itself. This is what sets it apart. The developers, Web Inn are primarily internet marketers.

META tags and various search engine optimisation techniques will be adapted per page to ensure that advertiser information is also included. This means that if you are an advertiser and someone searches for your product or service, the page with your advert will come up in the search results.

If you already have a website, this will help to enhance the position of your site in the search engines. If you don't and you do not want one, this is the next best thing because every advertiser receives the full benefit of our marketing efforts. (If you are not too sure what we are talking about here, there is a full explanation of how websites and search engines work on the developer's website,

Advertisers who opt to have a dedicated page within our site can do so at a nominal one-off fee of R450.


There will be no pop-up or other annoying forms of advertising allowed on the site, nor any other features which are irritating, slow down loading, distract from the content or are not user friendly.

Not just a listing of services, the site is an ongoing project, designed to be a content-rich website to enhance the number of visitors, the number of visitors who stay to browse and our position in search engine rankings. Much of our marketing will however be targeted directly to the end user to ensure that we are not purely search-engine dependent.

If you would like an even greater insight into who we are, what we are doing and why, please visit the section about us.


For advertisers who do not have a website:(or who would like an additional high profile web presence) we offer a web-page within the Umhlanga Coastline website, for a one-off fee of R450. Additional pages can be purchased at R250 each if required. This includes all set-up, hosting, design and related fees and there will never be another fee payable**, as long as you remain an advertiser with us. This is a special service to advertisers and is available to advertisers at any level, whether a R180 link ad or an R1200 banner. These pages will be fully cross-linked with your advert, directory listing and write-up. They are also individually optimised for search engines exactly as if they were independent of our site, but will automatically receive the further benefit of our marketing efforts as well. An example of an internal website can be seen here

** The R450 includes 3 basic changes per year (photo or text changed/added). If a higher level of page management is required (eg: changing the entire content) this is available for a small admin fee per upgrade or, if you would need this on an ongoing basis or want to know that you have it on tap if you need it, a nominal monthly admin fee can be agreed. (Starts from R35 per month).

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